A Moment in Time with the Skunk’s Companion

A very important friend told me recently that I have to let go of something.  It was words.

Words can be so arbitrary yet the power they possess is fearsome.  A long time ago in one of my many other lives I had a little red book of poetry.  Poems I had written at different stages of my life.  Many of the poems were about people: family, friends, and strangers.  I had written about some good and some not-so-good experiences too. These poems were written long before I could afford a pc or even a typewriter and I had no other copies of them anywhere else.

The book is gone. Destroyed? I don’t know. I suspect not. I have been unable to share my words since ‘my book’ was imprisoned, unable to write almost.

However, I picked back up my pen in 2003 and wrote a poem the very same evening I had the chance to meet with a legendary Irish poet.  I have done nothing with this poem since.  It has sat alone in a little green book of poetry for nine years.  So it is time.  Time to let go of ‘my book,’ time to let go of the words, and time to let go of the breath I’ve been holding.

A Moment in Time with the Skunk’s Companion

The golden dust of the sun rests on
the old globe in the window.
He is seated in this high-backed armchair.
A dishevelled mop of grey and silver hair.
With a soft Derry accent and a homely smile,
the Vikings on the Liffey came to life before my eyes.

I wanted to be alone with him.
Can I tell you of the things I want to do?
Would you listen to my poems if I read them to you?
My moment in time is broken
by the sweet-smelling coffee
and I catch a wink of amusement at the fuss being made.


4 thoughts on “A Moment in Time with the Skunk’s Companion

  1. Derek Flynn says:

    First of all, Julie, fair play for taking the first step. Secondly, that is a great poem. (I’m guessing Heaney?) Love the last line. Well done!

    • jamhenry says:

      Thanks ever so much Derek. There are a lot of stories to tell or words to let out! It was Heaney and it was a fabulous afternoon in 2003 when I got to have lunch with him, read with him and discuss his poems. Huge moment in my life and never to be forgotten. He is a very humble man.

  2. Fantastic. He did have a cheeky twinkle in his eye.

    • jamhenry says:

      9th April 2003. Imagine that I’ve sat on this for that length of time. That’s some gestation period all the same. Thanks for the chat last night. It got me where it needed to put it out here. Now all I’ve to do is 80,000 more words! Lol.

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