Tissue Box

Tissue Box

New Year rings loud.
Deafened by the silence,
a tear trickles down his cheek.
Longing for someone nowhere to be found,
tortured by the chance he did not take,
the fear of loneliness absorbed him
as he aimlessly abandoned himself to the insult of artificial adoration.
Fear keeps him there.
Reaching for the tissue
he tries to wipe away the weakness.
The tissue dampens and is discarded.
The weakness remains.

Mid summer she knew her tears were infinite.
Blinded by the luminosity,
she had not noticed the equinoctial shadow.
Powerless against the malevolence lurking behind the smile,
the fear of loneliness absorbed her
as she struggled to safe-keep custodianship of her being,
struggled to find the strength to keep on breathing, the strength to keep on bleeding.
Fear keeps her there.
Reaching for the tissue
she tries to wipe away the fear.
The tissue dampens and is discarded.
The fear remains.


Fire Extinguisher

Why are you trying to extinguish my flame?
Hanging there glibly with your half-cocked hose.
Hoping to smother the moment my light manifests its mystery.
Your marshmallow mucus choking my budding bidirectional synapses.

What are you afraid of?

Do I enkindle in you an all-consuming fire that would cleanse your penitent soul?
Might I inspire, inflame or intoxicate your very being?
Or am I that incendiary you ardently abhor, causing such

Yes, you.
You want to tranquillise my unpredictability
and play it safe.


Here I stand
on the roadside
Waiting for you to grab hold of me, toss me, and swing me.

Suddenly I feel your grasp.
Fixedly you clasp me,
turning me head over heels,
violently shaking out all the rot:
the half eaten memories, the staleness of lives not lived, not recycled, not rescued.
With no prospect of emancipation you’ll pour them into the landfill
to rot with all the others.

Setting me back on my feet, you’ll leave me standing,
on the roadside.
Until another fills me with their rot.